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Foundation Mentor: Laura Palker
Foundation Mentee: Maureen Ibrahim

Two unique programs. 

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Hear What Our Members and Mentees are Saying

Moxxie is a fabulous organization that supports women of all ages to be the best they can be. Whether it is networking to expand your business, or mentoring to expand the skills and confidence of others, the organization is outstanding.

Laura Joseph - Moxxie Network Member
Sales Productivity LeaderQlik

Jr Moxxie is a great mentoring program for young women to be involved in because it fosters the ideology of women empowering other women. The advice offered by mentors on everything from school to landing a job has been insightful and useful throughout my journey towards a career.

Tinamarie Fisco - Jr Moxxie Mentee 
Graduate Student, Albany Law School

What I love most about Moxxie Network is the quality of the women. They are hardworking, professional, friendly women with the same goal, to be of service, not only with connecting for business purposes but in mentoring our young women heading into the workforce. Moxxie is one of my favorite groups!

Lisa Chalker - Moxxie Network Member
Owner, Family Affair Distributing

Since the end of college, the Moxxie program has helped me gain the confidence to grow within my personal life and professional career. The support network and experienced, caring mentors have pushed me to become a stronger woman in all aspects of my life.

Alyson Lamberti - Jr and Ms Moxxie Mentee 
Statistical Analyst, Nielsen